Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Thanks for coming!!!

Thank all who came for the shoot! Woot!

Friday's Personnel, save Christine who left early.
From Wish Upon A Crane - Event

Shots of the night (Uwei, Christine, you guys wanna add some more?)
Pictures Copyright Steven Wong.

From Wish Upon A Crane - Event

From Wish Upon A Crane - Event

From Wish Upon A Crane - Event

From Wish Upon A Crane - Event

Have fun.


Sunday, August 9, 2009

Event Photographers Required

Hey guys.

Taylor's Buisness Club will be having a play on the 14th and 15th of August (ie next Friday and Saturday), and we've been invited to do some photography work for them. Also, those new to the club can come and meet our motely crew, and those who just got their new toys can finally come around and show them off. =)

C'mon guys, it'll be fun. Trust me. XD
We haven't had a shoot in ages eh?

Event Details:
Date (bring one lar): 14th and/or 15th of August.
Time: 7 to 10pm.
Place: Taylors University College Main Campus, Multipurpose Hall (MPH), no relationship to the bookstore whatsoever.
Pass: C'mon, we're photographers. Of course we get in free. ;D
Things to bring: Whatever gear you have to, including bodies (don't get any funny ideas), lenses, flashes (to go with the bodies, geddit?), tripods and whatever. Those concerned with the flu going around, bring your masks too. XD
Any other details that I get, you guys will be the first to know.

Those coming, do drop an e-mail or note down at the Cbox/Photographic Society mailbox to confirm your attendence. Thanks. Please do come, ya. We need like, 4 or 5 covering each nite. After shooting can also TT if want! =D

Also, say thanks to Steven for getting us this opportunity.