Thursday, January 22, 2009

ECA day 2009

Hi. Steven here, reporting what happened on this years first ECA drive. So lets get on with it...

At about 3pm, I met up with Zi Yang and set up out 'booth' which is 'stategically' located in the cafeteria. We were seriously undermanned but a we still go by without any major problems. A new member called Zu Ken helped me out. He was the first to sign up, helped me abit by attacting more potential members. Thanks dude!

At the end of the day, we managed to get 69 people to sign up. I left the member list in the piegeon hole, i have a photocopy if that goes missing... so the IT guy, whoever is it now... please get the list and log it into our database.

(Zi Yang, thanks for the Revive! Forgot to pay you... swt)

Our booth.

Jen Ric's prints. (Note: The member list is full)

Some guy looking through my pictures.

Pentax guy. New member.
(dude if you see this... sorry man i lost that piece of paper, my Flickr username is Stryker W@SP ... add me.. :P)

Another new member.

This guy asked my why our club didn't join or organize any KL wide or Malaysia wide competitions. I don't know how to answer him lo... really needed the presidents words then...

A dance troope that performed in the rain. Hahaha they are going to get sick....

A band called 'Alternative Frequency' that performed in the evening.


Some leng lui with a 1000D.

So.. thats all.. i hope this years members will be super active and TPS get alot of events rolling. Good luck yall' !


Steven Wong