Thursday, August 28, 2008

Sri Hartamas Exhibition

Just some simple point and shoot to do the coverage.

Hows our space looks like. Pretty large space

Some of JenRic's photo

From Justin

From Cs

VVIP visit around and play with lab's experiment

When Justin aka Tiny Little king kong get mad!!

For those who don't get a chance to exhibit your photos, do not be discourage. We did it quite in a rush and not really have time to ask everybody to summit their best photos. By right JenRic had ask us to send him early but seem no 1 did that including my self. Sorry about that. Hopefully we do better respond for the upcoming event!!

Finally thanks for those who come and help for the exhibition. Especially JenRic running here and there, Vivian and also Justin!!

For those who willing to join, can refer to the poster @ the follow link:

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

New TPS poster

Its saddens me to hurt your eyes again, but i have more "good stuff" to show you. Behold, our new club poster...
If you can do a better job, by all means, please. Send it to me by Friday 22th, and I'll have it approved, chopped, photostated and plastered all over Taylors.