Friday, April 25, 2008

Update on the Trip

So far this is the list of people going:

1) Lian Zi Yang
2) Chiar Choon San
3) Yew Chi Ping
4) Steven Wong
5) Tan Wei Tiong
6) Ridzwan
7) Nursyaireen
8) Tan Su Zhen
9) Keane
10) Rafique
11) Soo Jen Ric
12) Lisa
13) Kiwi
14) Yin Qian
15) Inti
16) Inti
17) Inti
18) Pre-U
19) Hariff Azhar

There'll be another two spots for our advisors.

Those who've sign up. Please call me and get the indemnitiy form (012-3399769)

More more more people!!!!!!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Sign Up for Batu Caves Trip!

Hey everyone!
Sign up for the Batu Caves Trip! Everyone is invited!

Here are the details:

Place: Batu Caves and the areas around it.
Date: 3rd of May
Time: 8.30 onwards until around 2
Transport: Bus (to and fro)

We will provide light refreshments like water etc!

Its FREE! for paid members and RM 5 for non-members!
Time is not really set, if everyone wants to leave early, we may. If everyone wants to stay longer, we may.
So come and have fun while you see the beautiful Batu Caves.

If you don't know what or where Batu Caves is, go google it! ;)

Where do we meet? At TBS ground floor!

Just send an e-mail to to sign-up. We will follow up later.

p.s. Bring Along your Friends too!

Come join us!

(012 33 99 769)

Committee Meeting

Today, we had another committee meeting. Various things was discussed and some of us was assigned to do something. Besides that, we now have a new management system. Instead of using a hierarchical system, we had modified it a little. We are now using a single level system. Everybody is relatively the same. So, do spell out what you unhappy with, don't keep it for yourself and end-up "exploding" yourself!!

1. Assignment of the Week
Take a photo each day for the upcoming 7 days. Summit it on next class!! Yea, it only last for 7 days!! Take note that, 1 photo per day!!

2. Batu Cave Trip
We will have a mini competition among ourselves. So, for those who are going to the trip, please choose one best photo from the trip, and submit it to us!! Prize will be announced later!! Beside that, we may include some minor activities during the trip!

RM5 for non-member, and FREE for PAID-member!!

3. Main Competition
It is pretty much finalized. More details coming soon!! Please come back to check the blog!!

4. T-Shirt
This is another thing coming soon!! We will have simple design of this T, and we are now looking for sponsors. If you have any contact, don't hesitate to leave us a msg @ the chat box on the right!!

5. Fee
This is great news!! The member fee has been reduced greatly!! Whats the exact amount? Come back and check with us!! We will update the blog frequently!!

So here a simple report of what we had covered:
Jen Ric had already covered some basic elements on photography. There was composition, definition of various photography terms, some effects, different type of filters and others. We will now proceed to the next level. It is never too late for you to join us now!!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

New Committee Formed!!

Taylors Photographic Club was started since end of 2007. April of 08, we had reformed the new committee with a brand new hierarchy system. Here the list

President: Soo Jen Ric
Vice President: Lian Zi Yang
Treasurer: Yew Chi Ping
Secretary: Chiar Choon San

Board Members:
Keane, Steven, Jonathan, Nursyaireen, Wei Tiong, Ridzwan and Kenny Wee.